The goal of life is to make your heartbeat

match the beat of the Universe

to match your nature with Nature


Joseph Campbell ~

Dear Friends,


Nature is our nearest and dearest next-of-kin. I am deeply dedicated to communion with our natural world. I practice what I feel is akin to the ancient and indiginous ways of Earth Whisperer. It is a sharing of intimate heart-to-heart dialogue with the Intelligent Consciousness of Mother Nature, but it is mostly about listening.

I practice the experience of communing with the Spirit dwelling within Nature Beings in all their infinite physical forms ~ Animal, Plant, Mineral, and the Elements. Sacred Spirit is infused in all life as One ~ this is the meeting place of communion. As a Nature intuitive, in kinship with these Beautiful Beings, I listen and transcribe messages from them ~ unique to their own family essence. I hear their communiques filter through a style of poetic prose – most beautiful to my inner and outer ears! With their guidance through intuitive readings with Nature Oracle cards, I present their voices and gifts through the symbolic renderings.


I am simply an earnest listener and scribe. It is my humble and most honorable offering to share these inspiring universal messages filled with wisdom, harmony, and love. Through unity with Nature, their gifts can help us discover a path to wholeness in the joyous spirit of One Life on earth.


As an enthusiastic activist, I feel committed to the stewardship of Sacred Mother Earth and all her children. I deeply resonate with many spiritual cultures and indigenous peoples: Native American, Celtic, Andean, the Deities, Shaman, Pagan, etc. As a devoted lifetime student of spiritual unity arts, I am motivated towards global transformation through conscious living with all life as an illuminating channel to the Divine within all beings, and our beautiful Infinite Selves.

To understand how these messages

unfold, go to How Nature Speaks

EarthLight has been percolating since 2009, when I first experienced the profound and transcending Song of the Deva. Encircled by a symphony of songbirds within a beautiful grove of evergreens, I was told: “The source of Nature needs to be revealed to mankind.” Since then, I have been realizing the vital importance of expressing this sublime truth. With the creation of this website, the manifestation of Nature's Spirit appears in a tangible way through the written word, photographs, and upcoming podcasts - our modern tech language of relationship.


My offerings of service assist in enhancing this Communion with Nature. As an intuitive reader and visionary writer, I graciously offer this through these pages.

My book - Nature Speaks ~ Messages from the Consciousness of our World explores the phenomenon of inter-communication and intimate relationship with our next-of-kin, the beloved Spirits dwelling within the natural world.


We are not learning about Mother Nature, we are learning from Her! In communion with Nature Beings, their messages are always universally filled with the purest wisdom, love, and joy. But the highest and most powerful proclamation embodying them is the vital Truth of Unity. They are eternally singing, dancing, and declaring:



Let us join with our dear next-of-kin on our Earth Journey together!


Bright Blessings of Comfort and Joy!


Diana, Co-Creator

Allow Nature to teach you stillness

~ Eckhart Tolle ~

In God’s wildness lies the hope of the world.

When one tugs at a single thing in nature he

finds it attached to everything else in the Universe.


~ John Muir ~



Commune with Nature Beings

and receive their Great Gifts guiding you to

The Art of Living in Well-Being.



Is one of your

Greatest Teachers and Allies


Gaia, Mother Nature, eternally lives

in harmony with all life,

and holds the secret to dwelling in this 

Sublime State of Being.

Nature mirrors your highest potential

and greatest good.

Self-Discovery leads to Well-Being!

Greetings Friends
of the World!

And welcome! I would like to re-introduce you to your physical and spiritual next-of-kin, one of your closest and most loving families ~ the intimate and empowering Kingdom of Nature! The essence of all Animals, Plants, Minerals, and Elements dwells in Spirit, and I practice communing within the etheric realm of Nature’s Spirits. They have much love and wisdom to share. NATURE SPEAKS!

SONG OF THE DEVA is a personal invitation via a direct  communication from the Heart of Mother Nature. Nature desires an alliance of harmony with us - Now! She offers powerful messages of guidance, illumination, and devotion ~ Great Gifts to align with Living in Well-Being. Well-being is our sacred inheritance, our birthright. It is a state of Divine Presence where all life desires to dwell.

Please join me to rediscover and embrace the truth you are a Child of Nature, and are Living as One through the Divine Diversity of life!


Song of the Deva

By faith, we call unto you to blend with our forces.

Reach for the highest in union with Divine Nature.

We come within you to raise our energies,

In hope for harmony with Earth

For your life as you know it is in your hands.


Look to your very thoughts

In the workings of the mind of man

And seek the Element of Peace in all that you do.

To raise to this consciousness

You must stand on the Throne of Love.

We are working with your Spirit Soul to do so

But the word must come from you in agreement.


Nature, through the Heart of God, is offered to you.

Be pleased with Her life, and enjoin in prayer.

Prayer for Peace, Prayer for Beauty,

Prayer for Harmony.

She offers these to you at all times, in Love.


See yourself as part of the Natural Life.

Your Body and Soul

Are made from the same as Nature.

Herein lies your connection ~ the Source of One.

Praise is unto you from Heaven on Earth

As you raise your thoughts on high to Peace.


Our voice is within every Mountain top,

Every Grain of Sand, Every Breeze in the Sky,

Every Flame of the Sun. Every Raindrop of Dew, Every Flower Petal glistening,

Every Butterfly rising, every Wolf echoing.

We are Life, and you walk within Our Kingdom.

Praise our life as Gifted and Blessed...Unto You



Read the story of the first Nature

Communication in the Song of the Deva,

and full disclosure of Nature's messages in 

 Nature Speaks ~ Messages from the Consciousness of our World


Forget not that the Earth

delights to feel your bare feet

and the winds long to play with your hair 


~ Kahlil Gibran ~

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